Art Award of Honor of the City of Linz 2016 for Visual Art and Interdisciplinary Art Forms presented to Susanne Blaimschein and Beate Rathmayr for their work in KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd.
The Art Award of Honor of the City of Linz is presented to a person, a group, an institution, a cultural initiative, and/or an association as recognition for their overall artistic or cultural work, which can be regarded as an outstanding contribution in Linz and Austria. The Art Award of Honor is awarded on the basis of a recommendation from a jury of experts every four years. In November 2016 Beate Rathmayr and Susanne Blaimschein received the Art Award of Honor in the section “Visual Art and Interdisciplinary Art Forms” for their work together KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd, pro mente OÖ. Further award-winners are the Architecture Forum Upper Austria, Dorf TV, Marcus Füreder/Parov Stelar and Walter Pilar.
Jury Statement:
“With KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd Blaimschein and Rathmayr have been enriching cultural and social life in Linz in a unique way for many years. Their projects productively cross boundaries between art, city district culture, and psycho-social offers. Participation is one of the essential guidelines of their work, from activation methods of visual art all the way to theatric formats. Art in public space and its strategies are an essential part of the activity of KunstRaum, where the projects, exhibitions and events are realized primarily in the polyvocality of teams.
Located in the Neustadt neighborhood of Linz, which is marked by migration, Blaimschein and Rathmayr have developed a conscious way of dealing with this location. Residents are invited to participate and utilize the offers on an equal level with cultural producers, the art scene, and clients of the supporting organization pro mente. Blaimschein and Rathmayr open up possibility spaces again and again for participants and visitors. For Linz they open up not only local cooperations, but also internationally oriented cooperations – for example, in conjunction with EU projects or student exchanges.
Quotations from the jury: “They could make things easier for themselves, but they don’t.” “Without KunstRaum Goethestrasse xtd. Linz would be poorer.”
2014 _ City of Cultures 2014 in cooperation with ibuk
2014 _  Federal Ministry for Education and Women’s Affairs _ Award for the cultural cooperation “Small Tools for a Large Movement” with the school association of the school Kreuzschwestern in Linz
2012 _ City of Cultures 2012 – in cooperation with ZIKO and Iris Andraschek
2010 _ City of Cultures 2010 – in cooperation with ibuk
City of Diversity – Prize of the City of Linz for Integration and Interculturality – in cooperation with migrare
2008 _ Small State Cultural Prize for Cultural Work Initiatives