LIVE AT KUNSTRAUM – 13-hour event hosted by the artist’s Jette Gejl, Michelle Atherton &TC McCormack

You are warmly invited to participate in:

Live at KunstRaum
Friday 29 June

A 13-hour event hosted by the artist’s Jette Gejl, TC McCormack & Michelle Atherton.

Programme includes:
 12.00 Lunch with invited guests & public.
 13.00 Welcome by artists
 13.30 Discussion on KunstRaum’s Intangible Collection read through the frames of Gemeinschaft – Gesellschaft with invited guests & open public.
 Beige Break
 15.00 1st Intro & film screening: Roy Andersson A Pigeon Sat on Branch Reflecting on Existence 2014
 17.00 Musical Interlude with Beige Cocktails
 17.30 Performance with Beige food
 19.00 2nd Intro & Film screening: Powell and Pressburger A Canterbury Tale 1944
 21.30 Finale They are sticky: including participants offer suggestions towards the Intangible Collection e.g. film clips, songs, processes, sayings etc., etc.
 22.00 Progressive Magnetisms – with Drinks

Please feel free to come to all or part of the event.

This event is part of the exhibition:
They are sticky, perhaps you can say magnetic: Über Sammlungen und andere Verbindungen in der Dichotomie der Gemeinschaft-Gesellschaft1 (on collections and other connections in the Gemeinschaft-Gesellschaft dichotomy).

Dauer der Ausstellung: 29. Juni – 31. Juli 2018, Öffnungszeiten: Di- Fr, 14.00 bis 18.00 Uhr


  1. (1) In 1887 the sociologist Ferdinand Tonnies identified two analytic concepts in the distinct forms of opposing social organisations, Gemeinschaft (of lost innocence, organic, mutual) and Gesellschaft (more modern, atomised, individualistic). These historical frames are a fated transition and a generative measure.